Digital coordination system

DCS is designed for the security of students and for the coordination of parents with teacher. With the help of DCS parents can check daily activity of their children by simply login the system from any place in the world through the access of internet. Recently we have launched an android app which is more convenient of the parents.

Features includes are

Biometric attendance

RFID card

Text Alert System

Android App

Exam Management

Hostel Management

Transport Management

Accounts Record

Library Record


Biometric attendance

Biometric device is for tracking the attendance of students and teachers.  In details, an automated biometric system for recording attendance will be installed at the school gate for students and teachers for every roll-call. Once biometrics is being used successfully in one part of a school, the technology is usually embraced in other areas as well. Schools can then use the same biometric database to identify students for other applications such as online learning, library etc.

SMS Alert to Parents

The school sought to install a biometric-based access control system for its premises to provide access only to authorized personnel during normal working hours of the school. However, during drop-off and pick-up hours, there had to be a provision by the administration staff.Therefore, the access control system had to be capable to send messages to their parents during pick-up and drop-off hours. Besides, unlike traditional school timers, the system will have a ‘disable and select function’ as well it will be an open choice for choosing an option. Present, absent or leave messages will be generated, which will keep all the parents updated.



Management  System

DCS helps the organization to manage their records efficiently and accurately and contains the following information:

  • Grading System: contains the record of the student’s result. Every student can view their result by logging into their accounts.
  • Transport: contains the record of the students who are using the transport facility.
  • Hostel: contains the record of students using the hostel facility.
  • Fee: contains the record of student’s fee, so that the accounting department or parents can view the student’s account.
  • Payroll: contains the record of employees’ salaries.
  • HR: contains information like recruitment, staffing, compensation, benefits and training etc.