Chairman Message

Col. Qasim founder of GS Global a famous personality and a public figure, known as Captain Gulsher from a famous drama serial Alpha Bravo Charlie recently retired from the rank of colonel and now give his services to promote the education system with advance IT technology across the country.  A huge love and respect that I gained because of beloved people of my nation I also launched a series of perfumes Alpha Bravo and Charlie especially for my fans. Alpha and Bravo are for Men and Charlie for Female.

In business world we are all being faced with different challenges. We all have desires to be a part of team that marked its legacy and being remembered for years on their achievements. At GS Global, I am proud to have an excellent team that endeavor to attain the high level of success and enormity. According to me there are some aspects that play a significant part in the success of any organization that includes

  • Most important assets

Human Resource  are the most valuable asset of our company. We cherish the career of employees while depending on their skills and potential. Our goal is to make sure the employees have opportunities to flourish and succeed.


  • Create value

We seek to maximize the corporate values and profits while trying to meet the expectations of our shareholders, clients and employees.


  • Commitment to quality

We practice best quality of our product, services and operations to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and social value.


  • Technology innovation

We are continually making innovation in our products because the world of IT changing day by day.

Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our prestigious clients, shareholder and a hardworking staff who have shared in our implausible journey so far.

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